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Join us as we rally for disability rights!

Why: Senate Bill 1198 is legislation that treats people who have #disabilities in Arizona like second class citizens. While access to businesses, healthcare providers, human service organizations, and other entities has been the law for over 26 years, the Arizona Legislature is considering a Bill that would take us back decades and remove incentives for businesses to be proactive on this important issue.

What to Do:

Contact members of the Arizona Senate immediately, by phone or e-mail. Reach out to your Senator and as many others as possible.

What to Say:

  • I care about the civil rights of Arizonans with disabilities, including Disabled Veterans, children, and the elderly. They are not second-class citizens.
  • SB1198 will impose unfair burdens on individuals with disabilities seeking access to businesses, hospitals, schools and many other public places.
  • No other group of Arizonans is forced to wait extra months to exercise their rights. Arizonans with disabilities should not be forced to.
  • SB1198 is wrong for Arizona. Vote NOon SB1198!





DeafBlind Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

Funding Request - $300,000 annually, short-term

(amendment to the Budget Reconciliation Bill)

Please note this funding request is separate from the $192,000 for Support Service Provider (SSP)

What is the difference between SSP and HCBS ?

HCBS help DeafBlind individuals with independent living skills around their home and community.

SSP - relay visual and environmental information, act as sighted guide and facilitate communication for people who are DeafBlind.

Examples of SSP (long-term funding necessary)

• Facilitates environmental and visual communication access

• Provides mobility/travel, communication in conducting errands, enables person to participate communicatively in community events and any other direct activities

• Provides text access/translation by reading client’s mail (correspondence and bills) and signs in the environment as well as assists clients with completing forms

 Examples of HCBS (proposed short-term funding as a stopgap until ALTCS can provide)

• Assist clients in telephonic communication and assistive technology, providing assessments and training as necessary

• Provide technical assistance and case management to consumers

• Provides independent living skills development

• Orientation and Mobility training

• Provides self-advocacy training

 Talking points:

• Current ALTCS qualification is a barrier for DeafBlind individuals -- they cannot receive services from ALTCS.

• This funding will help DeafBlind gain independence and keep them from being institutionalized.

• Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is the only state service available for Deafblind – if they are ready for employment. Not all DeafBlind are employment ready and many are older adults.

• Funding will allow time for the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (ACDHH) to address barriers with AHCCCS/ALTCS and create long-term solutions.

CONTACT: Representative Shooter, [email protected], 602-926-4139 and ask him to support this

Email [email protected] for additional info

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