Program Information

Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (AzTEDP)

Free telephone products are offered by AzTEDP!

AzTEDP clients needing demonstrations, technical assistance, and any service related to equipment are best served by appointment. Please call 602-542-1124 V/TTY or 1-866-223-3412 V/TTY or email Vicki Thompson to ensure our availability to serve you.

The State of Arizona provides free telecommunications devices to residents of the State of Arizona who need assistance communicating on the phone.

Applicants can qualify as Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, or Speech-Impaired.


Do you need help communicating on the phone? AzTEDP can help.

AzTEDP is the free, state-funded program that offers telecommunications devices to qualified residents with hearing loss or speech challenges who need assistance using the telephone effectively.

Click HERE to download a HARD OF HEARING packet (doesn't hear well, but can speak)

Click HERE to download a DEAF packet (typically American Sign Language users, keyboard used to express)

Click HERE to download a SPEECH-IMPAIRED packet (variety of methods used to express only)

Click HERE to download a COMBINED VISION & HEARING LOSS packet


AzTEDP Devices Include:

  • A variety of Amplified Telephones
  • CapTel 840 (landline, operates on electricity and analog telephone only)
  • TTY (video can be seen HERE)
  • Electrolarynx (video can be seen HERE)
  • Voice Amplifier
  • Signaling Device


Would you like to apply to our program?

Please print and complete the application then choose a device from the product catalog. Have your certified professional complete and sign the appropriate section of the application. AzTEDP defines certified professionals as dispensing audiologists, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, speech-language pathologists, hearing aid dispensers or CRC certified vocational rehabilitation counselors.

After you gather the photocopies of the United States Citizenship and applicable name change documents along with Arizona residency documents, just send those copies, along with the program forms to the AzTEDP office located at:
100 N. 15th Ave, Suite 104
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Note: The application process takes one to two weeks upon receipt of a complete application packet. Incomplete applications will be returned with a pending information letter.


When and how do you receive your equipment?

After all forms and photocopied documentation have been received by AzTEDP, it will be reviewed for completeness. If approved, a voucher will be printed for the device documented on the application and mailed to the recipient or designee with instructions on how to redeem the voucher. The instructions will include signing where indicated and mailing it to a supplier from the list. The supplier will then ship the device to you. The device becomes the recipient's personal property at the end of the fifth year. Amplified phone users, be sure to turn on that amplifier! A five year warranty comes with all voucher equipment.

If CapTel is the phone of choice, a consultation is conducted over the phone or by email to determine if the CapTel is appropriate. It is important to understand that the Arizona Relay Service is involved as a third party producing the captions for the captioned phone. We also explain the Toll Free "Call Me" number in order for incoming calls to be captioned, as well as the slight delay of captions coming across the screen. If the CapTel 840 is appropriate, one will be issued directly from our inventory. Home visits can be arranged for installation and training on a case-by-case basis. The CapTel 840 will always remain Arizona State Property. Please view the conversation example. Take note of how long the employee waits for the caller to speak. CLICK HERE. A video of how the CapTel is used in emergency 911 situations should also be viewed. CLICK HERE.


What about internet captioned telephones?

You may have seen CapTel or CaptionCall advertisements on T.V. or in publications. AzTEDP does NOT provide the CapTel 840i, CapTel 880i, Clarity Ensemble or the CaptionCall telephones, all of which utilize the internet service and analog phone service in a person's home. However, as a courtesy, our staff can arrange a demonstration to show you those devices, make some calls, and you can determine if it is right for you. We can provide the forms needed to obtain the internet captioned phone that you want.

The biggest benefit of having an internet version of the captioned telephone is that the party calling the internet captioned phone user does not have to call a special captioning number with every call. The delay of captions may be lessened via internet, but there is still a delay.

If a captioned telephone isn't appropriate, amplified phones can often provide the needed improvement.


How did AzTEDP begin?

In 1986, the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing began a program to distribute TTYs to Deaf Arizonans so they could access the public telephone system. Today, AzTEDP has grown into one of the most comprehensive telecommunication loan programs in the nation, serving the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, and Speech Challenged residents of Arizona.