Community Resources

Here you will find an initial resource guide for hearing and/or Deaf parents seeking support for their children, from birth to high school transition services. Information below has been categorized by age range, and local, national, and international resources.

3 Family Support


Community Resources include Programs and Services available for Arizona’s families with deaf and hard of hearing children, seniors, and other communities.


There are many options for your child’s education, including mainstream and deaf school programs. Schools offer a variety of language modalities for instruction, and approaches to Arizona’s educational standards. Research what is available and what is the best fit for your child and family.

Technology Resources

From assistive technologies, to online & multi-media resources for language development – there are a multitude of technologies out there. Here we provide just a glimmer of the possibilities available.

Family Support

We have searched far and wide to find resources for parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.