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Hauserbrain _0  Unlocking the Mysteries of the Deaf Brain   

Although studied for centuries, much remains unknown about the human brain. The deaf brain in particular is still a mystery in part because this population often uses different cognitive and communication processes than hearing people. RIT’s Peter Hauser is a leader in analyzing the deaf brain, how it differs from the hearing brain, and the effect of sign language on cognition.

  VL2 Eye  VL2: Visual Language and Visual Learning Research Briefs      

The VL2 center publishes research briefs as a resource for educators and parents. The goal is to inform the education community of research findings, to summarize relevant scholarship, and, in the form of practice guides, to present recommendations that educators and parents can use when addressing the multifaceted challenges of educating deaf and hard of hearing children.

Public Healthcare Services Survey

Calling all Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind Arizonans! We are currently researching effective communication in Arizona Hospitals. Please take five minutes to complete a short survey that will help us help you! The survey can be taken here: Public Healthcare Survey. For an ASL version of the survey, watch the video below.

ASL Public Healthcare Survey