1. Where can I get a hearing aid?

Arizona Department of Health Services

Speech, Language, Hearing Providers

Hearing Aid Assistance Resources


2. How do I know which hearing aid is right for me?

HLAA Hearing Aid Checklist 

AARP Buying a Hearing Aid


3. What do I do if I have a complaint about a hearing aid?

Arizona Department of Health Services: Division of Licensing Services

Arizona Department of Health Services: Complaint Submittal Form


4. What if I don’t want a hearing aid but still want to hear?

Assistive Technology Resources


5. I don’t understand my hearing test (audiogram)!

The Audiogram Explained, At Last! 

How to Read An Audiogram 

Understanding Your Hearing Test


6. I can’t hear on the phone!

Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program AzTEDP

Hamilton Captel

Sprint Captel


7. I can’t hear my doorbell!

Arizona Technology Access Program AzTAP


8. I can’t hear at the movies or at the play!

Assistive Technology Resources

Assistive Listening Devices


9. I can’t hear the smoke alarm!

Assistive Technology Resources


10. I can’t hear at church!

Creating a More Accessible Church: Hard of Hearing