1. Where can I get a hearing aid?

Call us at 602-542-3323 or email us at [email protected] and we will connect you to resources for affordable hearing aids, low-income hearing aid programs, and hearing healthcare professionals who would be glad to serve you.

Arizona Department of Health Services

Speech, Language, Hearing Providers

Hearing Aid Assistance Resources


2. How do I know which hearing aid is right for me?

HLAA Hearing Aid Checklist

AARP Buying a Hearing Aid

Consumer Reports Hearing Aid Buying Guide


3. What do I do if I have a complaint about a hearing aid?

Arizona Department of Health Services: Division of Licensing Services

Arizona Department of Health Services: Complaint Submittal Form


4. What if I don’t want a hearing aid but still want to hear?

Assistive Technology Resources


5. I don’t understand my hearing test (audiogram)!

The Audiogram Explained, At Last! 

How to Read An Audiogram 

Understanding Your Hearing Test


6. I can’t hear on the phone!

Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program AzTEDP

Hamilton Captel

Sprint Captel



Clarity Ensemble

7. I can’t hear my doorbell!

Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program can help you with your telephone and your doorbell

Arizona Technology Access Program AzTAP can loan you a device for two weeks to try free of charge


8. I can’t hear at the movies or at the play!

Assistive Technology Resources

Assistive Listening Devices


9. I can’t hear the smoke alarm!

Assistive Technology Resources


10. I can’t hear at church!

Creating a More Accessible Church: Hard of Hearing