I'm Hard of Hearing... Now What?

If you have just recently become hard of hearing, or have just accepted that you’ve been struggling with hearing loss for a while, you've come to the right place! Here you will find answers to some of your questions and initial guidance on the next steps to managing your hearing loss.  Watch the video, read the brochure, share it with your loved ones and children, then contact the Hard of Hearing Program for more assistance. With over 1 million hard of hearing Arizonans, you are not alone!

Click Here For the "I'm Hard of Hearing, Now What?" Brochure

Understanding how we hear, the anatomy of the ear, what sound and hearing loss actually are, and how balance is connected to hearing will help us handle our hearing loss better.  Click here to see how ASU has defined all these elements for us.

HAT: Hearing Assistive Technology: Understanding what HAT is will help you as you journey forward with adapting to hearing loss. HAT is very helpful!


Captioned Telephone Mobile Apps:

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Hamilton CapTel

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Clear Captions

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Don't have a smartphone and need captions at home? Check out ACDHH's Free Landline Telephone Program: AZTEDP


CART Steno Group

Need captions at school, work, or the doctor? Ask for CART!
Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Brochure
Vocational Rehabilitation
Looking for work and encountering barriers due to your disability? Get help from the VR program:  State of AZ Vocational Rehabilitation Program

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Have questions about the law, your rights, and disability? Contact ACDL: Arizona Center for Disability Law

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Good communication skills benefit everyone. Here are some strategies to help when a person has hearing issues:

Communication Strategies


Hearing loss has been associated with dementia, falls, and other problems. Learn more:

Hearing Loss and Dementia

Hearing Loss and Falls

Hearing Loss and Cardiovascular Disease

Hearing Loss and Diabetes

Hearing Loss and Depression