Hearing Aids

Getting your hearing checked, affording and purchasing hearing aids, as well as selecting the right audiologist or hearing aid dispenser to assist you, is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your hearing healthcare.  ACDHH has compiled the following resources to help guide you in this process.


Get Your Hearing Checked 
Click here to access a list of audiologists and hearing aid dispensers who will gladly check your hearing for free.

Click here to check the license of an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.

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Are you low-income or without insurance coverage and unable to afford to buy hearing aids? Contact us at [email protected] so we can guide you to resources that may help.

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Here is a checklist to guide your purchase of hearing aids.


A telecoil in your hearing aid will allow you to hear with an inductive loop, whether it is a neckloop, a looped room, a countertop loop, or a looped clipboard. Read more here.


 Seeking the latest in research and best practices? Check out these websites:

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