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 New telephone products available April 1st, 2014!

See tabs below for more information!

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M-F 8:00am-5:00pm (appointment recommended)

Free covered parking is available in the parking garage directly north of the building on ground level.

Our office is at 100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 104! The office offers such amenities as WiFi, a LOOPED Board/Training facility, additional parking, and is on the first floor of the A.D.O.A. (Arizona Department of Administration Building).




What is AzTEDP?

The Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program is a Free service that provides telephone equipment such as volume control telephones, TTY’s and signaling/flashing devices to Arizona residents who are also legal residents of the United States of America who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-blind or Speech-impaired. This is not an income-based program.

If a person struggles on the telephone or avoids it altogether, generally speaking, a plausible solution can be found. Just give us a call and we will be glad to discuss a variety of options that can make communicating on the phone a reality for you or your loved one.

Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (AzTEDP)


New telephone products are now being offered by AzTEDP

Take a look by downloading a packet below!


AzTEDP clients needing demonstrations, technical assistance, and any service related to equipment are best served by appointment.  Please call 602-542-1124 V/TTY or 1-866-223-3412 V/TTY or email Vick Thompson or Christine Milano  to ensure availability to serve you.   

The State of Arizona provides telecommunications devices at no cost to residents of the State of Arizona who need assistance communicating on the phone. 

Applicants can qualify as Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing or Speech Impaired.

Do you need help communicating on the phone? AzTEDP can help.

AzTEDP is the free, state-funded program that offers telecommunications devices to qualified residents with hearing or speech loss who need assistance using the telephone effectively.

Click HERE  to download a HARD OF HEARING packet (doesn't hear well, but speaks to express)

Click HERE to download a DEAF packet (typically American Sign Language users, keyboard used to express)

Click HERE to download a SPEECH CHALLENGED packet (variety of methods used to express only)

 AzTEDP Devices Include:

  • A variety of Amplified Telephones to choose from 
  • CapTel 840 (operates on electricity and analog telephone only)
  • TTY
  • Electrolarynx
  • Voice Amplifier

Would you like to apply for AzTEDP?

Please print the application forms. Please also look over the product catalog. Have your professional complete and sign the application. AzTEDP defines certified professionals as dispensing audiologists, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, speech-language pathologists, hearing aid dispensers or CRC certified vocational rehabilitation counselors.

After you gather the photocopies of the United States Citizenship and applicable name change documents along with Arizona residency documents, just send those copies, along with the program forms to the only AzTEDP office located at AzTEDP 100 N. 15th Avenue, Room 126, Phoenix, AZ  85007.

Note: The application process takes one to two weeks upon complete arrival. Incomplete applications will be returned with a pending information letter.  

When and how do you receive your equipment?

After all forms and photocopied documentation have been received by AzTEDP, it will be reviewed for completeness. If approved, generally, a voucher will be printed for the device documented on the application and mailed to the recipient or designee with instructions on how to cash the voucher, which is to sign where indicated and mail it to a supplier listed.  The supplier will then ship the device to you.  The device becomes the recipient's personal property at the end of the fifth year.  Amplified phone users, be sure to turn on that amplifier!  A five year warranty comes with all voucher equipment.

If CapTel is documented, a consultation is conducted over the phone or often times, email to determine if CapTel is appropriate, and that the Arizona Relay Service, Toll Free "Call Me" number for incoming calls, and the inherit delay of captions are understood.  If so, CapTel 840 is issued directly from our inventory. Home visits can be arranged for installation and training. The CapTel 840 will always remain Arizona State Property.

What about internet captioned telephone? 

You may have seen CapTel or CaptionCall advertisements on T.V. or in publications.  AzTEDP does NOT provide the CapTel 840i, CapTel 880i, Clarity Ensemble or the CaptionCall, all of which utilize the internet service and analog phone service in a person's home.  However, as a courtesy, our staff can arrange a demonstration to show you those devices, make some calls, and you can determine if it is right for you.  We can provide the forms needed to obtain the device you want.

The biggest benefit of having an internet version of captioned telephone is that the party calling the internet captioned phone user does not have to call a special captioning number with every call. 

If captioned telephone of any kind "isn't a good fit", amplified phones can often provided the needed improvement.   

How did AzTEDP begin?

In 1986, the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing began a program to distribute TTYs to Deaf Arizonians so they could access the public telephone system. Today, AzTEDP has grown into one of the most comprehensive telecommunications loan programs in the nation, serving the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Speech Impaired residents of Arizona.



ACDHH/AzTEDP is conducting an iPad Pilot Program to better serve the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Speech Challenged, or Hard of Hearing AZ residents. 

Interested parties please E-mail: or call 602-542-3365 or 1-866-223-3412


In other news...........


AzTEDP new product choices effective April 1st, 2014! 

See the Program Information tab to download a packet.


CapTel expands Customer Service hours to 24/7

Effective immediately, CapTel Customer Support is expanding its hours to be available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that people who rely on the CapTel captioned telephone service have access to help whenever they need it - day or night.
“CapTel Customer Support is delighted to expand our service offerings to include all hours around the clock.  The Customer Support team is dedicated and ready to assist our customers at the time that is most convenient for them,” explains Pamela Holmes, Director of CapTel Customer Service.
Customer Support help via phone will now be available 24/7 daily except on major holidays.  As always, the CapTel Captioning Service itself is available 24/7 everyday including holidays.  
As a reminder, CapTel 800 and 840 users have one-touch access to Customer Support.  They simply press the blue CUST SERV button on their CapTel phone to be immediately connected to a helpful Customer Service representative.  Other ways to reach CapTel Customer Support:
Phone:                    1-888-269-7477 (V/TTY/CapTel) 

Online Chat:   
FAX:                        1-608-204-6167
En Espanol:              1-866-670-9134
U.S. Mail:            Attn: CapTel Customer Service
                                  450 Science Drive
                                  Madison, WI 53711

Captioned telephone (CapTel 840) is available FREE in Arizona!  AzTEDP offers the models 800 and 840.  For information on applying to receive a Captioned telephone phone, go to the products tab above.

Our office is located at 100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 104, Phoenix, AZ 85007.  The new site offers such amenities as WiFi and a LOOPED Board/Training facility.  There is also free covered visitor parking available in the garage to the north of the building. 

What is AzTEDP?

  • The Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (AzTEDP) is a program of the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (ACDHH) that distributes telecommunications equipment at no charge to residents of the State of Arizona who need assistance communicating on the phone.
  • Eligibility is determined by your professional evaluation of their needs, along with proof of United States legal residency, as well as proof of residency in the State of Arizona. Your part will be to legibly complete and sign the application for your patient. Please mark the appropriate CERTIFYING CONDITION (Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing or Speech-Impaired), as well as your professional credentials. This information will certify their need for a phone that will help them communicate better. Please see AzTEDP main page to print the required forms.

How do I refer patients to AzTEDP and help them get an amplified or CapTel 840 (landline only) phone at no charge to them?

  • Click HERE to print the complete application packet for HARD OF HEARING.  This includes instructions, forms and the catalog. You, as the professional, can legibly fill out and sign the Part C at the bottom of the application, and provide the applicant with the rest of the packet. 
  • You may also wish to keep a supply of application packets at your office. We will gladly send you ample supply. You may also simply direct potential applicants to the main AzTEDP phone number 602-542-1124 or 1-866-223-3412.

(602) 542-1124 (Phoenix Area) V/TTY
(866) 223-3412 V/TTY

AzTEDP provides telephone devices at no charge to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Speech-Impaired residents of Arizona.  Take a look at the individualized product catalogs below.  You may download and print the APPLICATION HERE.  

Hard of Hearing


Speech Challenged




Captioned telephones

State Offers Captioned Telephones and Service That Enable the Hard of Hearing to Read Voiced Conversations!

On January 1, 2006, Arizona Relay Service, a division of the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (ACDHH), began providing qualified Arizona residents with the long-awaited Captioned Telephone Relay Services and captioned telephones which enable users to read word-for-word, voiced phone conversations in real time, similar to the delayed manner seen on live television.

Qualified Arizona residents can receive a captioned telephone phone from the Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program at no charge.  To apply for the equipment, contact ACDHH at (602) 542-1124 or 1-866-223-3412 or Vicki Thompson at 602-542-3365 V/TTY or email

"Captioned telephones and service will be available to anyone living in Arizona who uses hearing aids, assistive listening devices, deaf or severely hard of hearing but speak for themselves on the telephone because they will be able read every word of the conversation in real time and not miss a thing," shared Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing's Executive Director Sherri Collins.

To use Captioned Telephone Relay Services, Arizonans who have a captioned telephone places a call just as they would with a traditional phone - by dialing the number of the person they wish to talk to. With captions enabled, the captioned telephone automatically connects to the captioning service when it is dialed. When the other party answers, the captioned telephone user may be able to hear sound, but for comprehending, the user reads what the other party is saying. The transcription that the caller is reading in the display window is made possible by a specially trained operator at the Captioned Telephone Relay Service Center. Voice recognition technology allows the operator to transcribe into written text everything that the other party is saying.

With one phone line, in order for a captioned telephone user to receive captions on a voiced incoming call, the person calling must first dial the Captioned Telephone Relay Service toll free number at 1-877-243-2823. The caller will hear a recording which prompts them to “enter the number of the captel user…. “. The captioned telephone user answers the phone by simply picking up the handset. Long distance carrier of choice information is also provided on the recording. To learn more about how Captioned Telephone Relay Services work, visit their website at or email customer service at

Application Instructions:


Hard of Hearing


Speech Challenged

Mail ALL forms and supporting document copies to:


100 N. 15th Avenue 
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone:  602-542-1124 (V/TTY) or 1-866-223-3412

Recipients are typically responsible for simply plugging in the equipment. Please read the manual. For Hard of Hearing users, PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR AMPLIFIER IS TURNED ON.

Limited outreach for CapTel training may be available in your area.  Call for details!


1. Who can and cannot receive equipment?

Answer: Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Speech-Impaired residents of Arizona qualify for telecommunication equipment through AzTEDP.

Parents of a deaf child, businesses, and hearing people who are friends or work with people with a hearing loss, for example, do not qualify for telecommunication equipment.  However, they may contact AzTEDP for information and Arizona Relay Service training in order to access those who do use specialized equipment.



2. Who can sign my application form?


Any of the professionals below can sign your application form:

  • Audiologist
  • Hearing aid dispenser
  • Medical doctor
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Speech-language pathologist (sometimes called a speech therapist)
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselor (must have CRC)
  • Doctor/Physician Assistant
  • Dispensing Audiologist

3. How much does it cost?

Answer: Equipment through AzTEDP is FREE to all Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Speech-Impaired Arizonans.

The equipment is on loan to you. However, voucher equipment becomes personal property at the end of the fifth year. The equipment is yours to use as long as you need it. If you move out of ARIZONA, or stop using the voucher equipment prior to the end of the 5th year, please return it to AzTEDPCaptel units will always remain AZ State Property.



4. What kinds of equipment can I get?

Answer:  People who qualify for telecommunication equipment through AzTEDP can get one primary device and one secondary device.

A primary device is a main piece of equipment which facilitates access to the actual communication on the telephone, such as a TTY (Teletypewriter), captioned telephone, amplified phone, or electrolarynx.

A secondary device is equipment that alerts the client to an incoming call.  Examples are an audible ringing signaling device or a light signal device.


5. How long will it take before I get my equipment?

Answer: Once a completed application and the appropriate supporting documents are received, a voucher with instructions for redemption will be mailed to your home.  If you choose a CapTel unit, it will be shipped via Fed Ex within a few days of the arrival of a COMPLETE application unless you have requested one of our staff come to your home for set up and training. 


6. How often can I get new equipment from AzTEDP?

Answer: Voucher purchased equipment is loaned to you for five years from the date you received the equipment from your chosen vendor. After that point it becomes your property. Captioned telephone and other specialty devices remain Arizona State Property.


7. For how long will my equipment be good?

Answer: All voucher equipment has a five-year warranty with the vendor you choose. Captioned telephones and other specialty devices can be exchanged at any time through AzTEDP depending on availability if malfunction occurs. If you received a used device from our inventory, we would exchange it if needed.


8. Where can I get training on how to use my devices from AzTEDP?

Answer: AzTEDP office is located at 100 N. 15th Avenue, Ste. 104, Phoenix, AZ 85007.  We offer free demonstration and training to everyone in the State of Arizona on an appointment basis.  Home visits are available as needed.  Please contact Vicki Thompson or Christine Milano to set up a time to meet.  You may also call 602-542-1124 (V/TTY) or 1-866-223-3412 (V/TTY). 


9. Who is responsible for what?

Answer: You are responsible for making sure your equipment is properly used and maintained. Please read the manual that comes with your equipment. You are also responsible to return equipment to AzTEDP if you move out of Arizona or if the equipment is no longer being used.


10. What happens if my device is broken, lost, or stolen?


  • Malfunction: If the equipment broke down through normal use, repairs will not cost you. Voucher equipment has a FIVE year warranty, so keeping a record of which business you choose as a vendor and your voucher number can be very helpful.
  • Loss: If you lose your equipment, you are obligated to reimburse AzTEDP for its current value.
  • Theft: If your equipment was stolen, give AzTEDP a copy of the police report. AzTEDP will gladly issue another device.
  • Damage: If your equipment is damaged, you can pay for repairs or pay the current retail value of the device.

11. Where do I return my equipment from AzTEDP?

Answer:If you do not need your equipment for whatever reason during the five year loan period, promptly return it to the AzTEDP office. Please do not leave it at any other location.

(602) 542-1124 (Phoenix Area) V/TTY
(866) 223-3412 V/TTY
(602) 542-3488 Fax