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Community View


Community ViewCommunity View is the nation's longest-running weekly television show geared specifically for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. The show first aired in 1974 as Sign Out. The name was changed to Community View in 2004, but the purpose remained the same: to educate, entertain and inform people with hearing loss on a variety of topics.

During these tough economic times Community View is not being broadcasted on Television, but you can still enjoy previous episodes right here online.


How is Community View different from other shows?
Taped in Phoenix, Arizona and produced by the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing, Community View has a comfortable talk show format. The host and guests have lively conversations, all of which is open captioned in English. American Sign Language interpreters are also used for maximum accessibility for the hearing loss audience. Hosting duties are eagerly supplied by the current Executive Director of the Commission, although guest hosts have included prominent members of the hearing loss communities around Arizona.

Week after week of hearing loss shows?
Although Community View does do numerous shows each year on hearing loss issues like cochlear implants and how to buy hearing aids, topics are not limited to hearing loss. The Community View motto is that "it's an interesting world" and past shows have included a make-over contest, how to choose and buy wine and therapeutic massage. Serious topics have included support groups for families of homicide victims, health care and personal safety. The reasoning behind this wide spectrum of topics is that people with hearing loss often miss out on a variety of information. Accessibility to regular television and radio shows can be difficult for people with hearing loss. Community View brings this information to people with hearing loss in a format that is completely accessible. Guests come from across the country and requests to appear on the show pour into ACDHH on a regular basis. Community View has become an icon in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in Arizona.