Job Listing

Teacher of the Deaf (ASL-Preschool/Early Education Programs)

Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
33 N Institute St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
April 1, 2023
Angelina Gutierrez
Phone: 7195782115, Voice
Job Description:
Performs work associated with facilitating developmentally appropriate instruction and support to children and their families: perform student assessments and identify family needs for instruction and/or support, lead and contribute to the development of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for assigned students and their families, prepare and implement instructional activities with necessary accommodations based on the IEP, coordinate with other agencies involved with the family. Performs work associated with standards-based instruction: prepares lesson plans, develops input for and presents daily instructional/learning activities based upon the IEP and school reform tenets under the direction of the Preschool Director, maintains a positive learning environment utilizing appropriate positive behavior support strategies, keeps students on task and engaged in learning. Demonstrates knowledge / skill in the areas of early education / bilingual education/ family services, in the development and use of accommodations for children who are Deaf and family assessment, task analysis, assessment, progress monitoring, behavior management, organization / planning, curriculum development, current technology practices, parent relations and teamwork. Utilizes technology to model, teach, and assist students relative to instruction and activities. Works as part of the education / assessment team responsible for identifying, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating individual objectives for assigned students including language planning. Utilizes appropriate communication skills with a commitment to literacy development in each student. Serves as a Student / Family Advocate for assigned students / families. Coordinates effectively with other service staff in facilitating instruction, supporting school reform efforts, strategic planning, and positively contributing to co-curricular activities. Positively serves as a team member in the School for the Deaf, and of the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) as a whole; and participates in regular team and departmental meetings, school and instructional meetings as required. Encourages family engagement; participates in and coordinates selected parent-focused activities, etc. Seeks opportunities for and participates in activities related to professional development and training/workshops as appropriate. Works as part of the full early childhood team to plan, facilitate and support success of the CSDB Preschool programs. Works as part of the early childhood team to plan, facilitate, and support the CSDB bilingual/bimodal program. Works in collaboration with the ASL/English Teacher for IEP meetings, student transitions, and aids in IEP success through appropriate assessments, including language planning, language acquisition, goal development, and follow-through of the IEP. Works in collaboration with the ASL/English Teacher for development and implementation of a multi-lingual-multi-modal pre-school program to optimize language exposure to both ASL and spoken language development. Performs other appropriate duties as assigned.
How to Apply:
In addition to the submission of a complete on-line application (to include references), please upload the items listed below to your on-line application: Formal Letter of Interest Current Resume Recent Letters of Recommendation, with signature Copies of All Transcripts Copy of Educator Certification