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Teacher of the Deaf - Birth to Three Program

Desert Voices
3426 E. Shea Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ, 85028
June 3, 2022
Dani Merrill
Phone: 602.224.0598, Voice
Job Description:
Teachers of the deaf in our early intervention programs are expected to provide listening and spoken language instruction that begins to define the child’s educational goals and supports reaching their learning potential. In addition, early intervention program professionals must demonstrate a sound theoretical knowledge of early childhood development and LSLS intervention strategies appropriate to students with hearing loss and who may have additional needs. They must also be able to relate well to infants, toddlers, parents and appropriate representatives of community partners and the entire team of Desert Voices. Teachers of the deaf report directly to the Programs Manager. Specific Responsibilities Classroom: ● Provide direct instructional services to the students in the location and time stated on designated classroom schedule(s). The focused areas may include language, speech, audition, cognition, literacy or other areas of development. ● Provide educational diagnostic services for their students when appropriate and under the supervision of the Programs Manager. ● Collect data or language samples based on the goals of their session(s), observations in a variety of settings, reporting from other professionals and/or parents for collaboration meetings. ● Develop and maintain a classroom environment conducive to effective learning within limits of the resources provided by the program. ● Create and implement individualized instruction in order to meet each child and family’s individual goals. ● Meet on a consistent basis as a team or individual, as determined by the supervisor, to discuss and determine programmatic policies and processes, to address day-to-day operational issues and individual or team growth. ● Communicate with parents in a timely manner and provide consistent updates about classroom activities. ● Prepare for an assigned caseload of 6-20 students and show written evidence of preparation weekly to the Programs Manager. Prep time is built into the work day, but additional time may be needed outside of the normal work hours based on work style, workload throughout the year and experience. ● Continue professional growth with a minimum of 18 hours of continuing education. Areas of growth opportunities to be agreed upon with your supervisor. ● Perform pupil supervision duties as required by the school. o Before school, during recess, lunch, snack, assist children with toileting and diapering. 1 Revised January 2022 Caseload: ● Serve as consultants to other team members, including the preschool team, pertaining to the special needs of the students on their caseload, sharing specialized expertise that you may possess or sharing specific information on the progress during their individual setting. ● Participate in meetings, when relevant to their particular students, to plan instructional and behavioral goals and objectives and develop methods of instruction, create individualized goals or to participate in a discussion of appropriate programming at Desert Voices. ● Prepare regular and/or special reports on progress in all developmental domains for the child, generalization of educational information for parent advocacy and the caregivers use of LSL strategies. Ensure all appropriate team members are contributing relevant information to required monthly, quarterly and annual reports or data collection. Distribute this information to parents, school districts, other professional team members in accordance with established policies of the program. o Goal Forms (quarterly) o Developmental History (biannually) o Ecaslls (monthly) o Team meetings outline (quarterly) ● Collaborate with audiological professionals through requesting reports, reporting classroom observations and child/family concerns on audiology letters and attending audiology appointments when deemed necessary by the child’s team. ● Collaborate with outside professionals that are included on the child’s team which may include: OT, PT, other SLPs, ASDB staff members, counselors and school district professionals. Organization: ● Maintain current knowledge of mission, values, goals and strategic plan. ● Assure the proper use, management, security and upkeep of Desert Voices facilities, equipment and documents. ● Punctual and dependable. ● Support the fundraising efforts of the organization through serving on at least one committee each school year and attending mandatory fundraising events. ● Alert the Programs Manager and/or teacher to any problems with individual students or abuse of students by other staff members. ● Perform pupil supervision duties for the preschool department as required by the school. o Before school, during recess, lunch, snack, assist children with toileting and diapering. ● Other duties as assigned. 2 Revised January 2022 If you are an assigned floating teacher, job responsibilities may be added until you transition into a full caseload and full schedule. ● Classroom Support ○ Compile language samples or data while a fellow team member is teaching. ○ Teach students that are further behind with their goals in order to provide more individualized instruction. ○ Complete informal evaluations in order to provide more information to a child’s team. ○ Substitute teacher for planned and unplanned team absences. Classroom coverage may be in the following settings: Discovery Room, Preschool Small Group, Toddler Class and Jump Start. ● Caseload Support ○ Complete language assessments for students in the building for their annual review. ○ Review documentation for content and grammar feedback. ○ Analyze and enter classroom observations, language samples, speech samples or data into Ecaslls for Desert Voices students. ● Organization Support ○ Enter annual evaluation information into Redcap. ○ Support data collection or research for program or grant initiatives. Benefits & Compensation ● 194-197 work days a year ○ Monday through Friday ○ Full-time hours 37.5 hours per week ○ On average 4 hours per day of Direct Classroom instruction ● 9 Days paid sick leave, 2 of the 9 days may be used for personal reasons ● Flexible work schedule outside of direct classroom hours ● Life insurance benefit of $15,000, premium is paid by Desert Voices, additional dependent coverage available at the expense of the employee ● Long Term Disability benefit, premium is paid by Desert Voices ● 401k Retirement Benefit, Desert Voices matches up to 3% of employee deductions and 100% vested immediately ● Health Benefits currently provided through United Healthcare, $482 of employee premium is paid by Desert Voices, remaining premium is paid by employee through pre-tax payroll deduction ● Dental Benefits currently provided through Humana, 100% of cost paid by employee through pre-tax payroll deduction ● Vision Benefits currently provided through Humana, 100% of cost paid by employee through pre-tax payroll deduction ● Base Salary range $41,000 to $55,000
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