Complaints can be filed no more than 90 days statutory limit from the date of incident.

If the complaint is sent via US Post - please add attention to: "License Complaints Department" on the mailing address.

License Complaints Department 
100 N. 15th Ave, Suite 104 
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Watch the video on how to file a licensure complaint


**While it is possible to file a complaint against both licensed and unlicensed interpreters, please be advised that the procedures vary slightly. This video references only complaint procedures related to licensed interpreters. For questions regarding complaint procedures related to unlicensed interpreters, please contact Victoria Vaughn at [email protected]

Code of Professional Conduct

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You can send your video file to us with this form. If you have any papers which may support your complaint, such as correspondences, please attach copies. You can attach more than one. Do not send originals. If you have physical evidence, it is important for you to retain that evidence in its original condition.

If the video file size is greater than 5MB, please use and email it to "[email protected]"

To the best of my knowledge, the information in this complaint is true and complete.


I request and authorize the below-named licensed professional or practitioner and/or any other licensed professional or practitioner, and the below named interpreter, organization or facility and/or any other organization or facility, to disclose fully to the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and its authorized representatives all information and records relating to the incident(s) that occurred for and/or on my behalf, by the said licensed professional, practitioner, organization, or facility.