Did you know that you can connect with the Arizona Relay Service on your smartphone? 

Yes!  Whether a hearing or speech challenge, or both, you have traditional TTY accessibility in the palm of your hand.  On an iPhone, you can go into Settings > Accessibility > RTT/TTY > turn on RTT/TTY and you are ready to go.  When you dial any phone number, three options will come up.  You can just make a normal call, or you can make a call to someone else with this feature enabled, OR you can choose the RTT/TTY Relay option.  When the RELAY (AZRS) option is chosen, your communication is unlimited.  Give it a try!  You can even call AzTEDP for practice!  You may get a staff live, or you can leave a message.  If you leave a message, be sure that you mention in your message for the person to call you back through 711. The real human Calling Assistants can guide if needed.  

The other most common way to connect to the Arizona Relay Service is via a TTY allowing you to type your messages and read the other person’s responses. 
A TTY (or text telephone) device includes a keyboard for typing your side of the conversation—and a screen on which the other person’s responses appear, which are typed by the Communication Assistant (CA).

When making a teletypewriter (TTY) call, dial 1-800-367-8939

An AZRS communication assistant (CA) will answer like this:


You answer with the number you want to call, also giving them the extension if necessary:
Pls call 602-555-1234 GA
Pls call 602-555-1234 x345 GA

The communication assistant will then dial the number, informing you of the call process as they connect your call:
DIALING 602-444-1234 RINGING 1... RINGING 2... RINGING 3...

When the call is answered, the communication assistant will begin relaying your call.

The communication assistant will explain AZRS to the other person if they are unfamiliar with the relay service.

Your call is now connected. The communication assistant will then relay the call between yourself and your party; typing the standard phone user's spoken words to the TTY user and then voicing the TTY user's text back to the standard phone user.

Remember to end each exchange with "GA" (Go-Ahead). This is a turn-taking cue that informs both the communication assistant and your party when to respond.

When you are ready to end your conversation, say:

"SK" (Stop Keying)
Click here for more information on TTY etiquette.