AZRS allows you to communicate with important people in your life who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or have difficulty speaking.

When you place a call through AZRS, your side of the conversation is typed by the Communications Assistant (CA) and "relayed" to the person you are calling. The CA then voices typed or signed responses from that person for you to hear. It’s a simple, easy and effective way to communicate with friends, family and business people who are important to you.

When making a standard voice call, dial 1-800-842-4681 

Los usuarios españoles de voz, por favor marque 1-800-842-2088 (Spanish Voice users, please dial 1-800-842-2088)

  1. An Arizona Relay Service CA will answer "This is AZ Relay, CA #1234, may I have the number you are calling, please?"
  2. The CA will start processing your call.
  3. The CA will inform you of the call process as your call is connecting.
  4. When the call is answered, the CA will begin relaying your call, back and forth until completed.

Everything that is said or heard by the CA will be typed to the TTY user and everything that is typed by the TTY user will be voiced to you by the CA. Wait until you hear the CA say, “Go Ahead” to begin speaking. Talk as if you are speaking directly to the other person . Remember to end each exchange with “Go Ahead”.

When you are ready to end your conversation, say “SK” or “stop keying.”