Usage of Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants is Associated with a Decreased Risk of Subsequent Cognitive Decline

In this meta-analysis, the usage of hearing restorative devices by participants with hearing loss was associated with a 19% decrease in hazards of long-term cognitive decline. Furthermore, usage of these devices was significantly associated with a 3% improvement in cognitive test scores that assessed general cognition in the short term.


ACDHH kicks off Hearing Healthcare Assistance Project with ASU College of Health Solutions, Speech and Hearing Clinic!  To learn more, contact Christy Abrams at [email protected]. 


AG Bell Announces New Chapter in Arizona!

The Arizona chapter connects Arizonans of all ages who are deaf and hard of hearing who have chosen listening and spoken language. We all do better when we work together so the chapter is made up of families, deaf educators, audiologists, and speech language pathologists who are a part of the community. We have fun, support each other, and learn together. 


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