AzTEDP provides free telephone devices to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, and Speech-Impaired residents of Arizona. Please take a look at the individualized product catalogs below.

Recipients are encouraged to read the manual enclosed with the device(s), and set up is very easy. For Hard of Hearing users, PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR AMPLIFIER IS TURNED ON.

Captioned telephones

The state offers free landline Captioned Telephones and services that enable the Hard of Hearing to read voiced conversations!

Arizona Relay Service, a program of the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing (ACDHH), offers qualified Arizona residents access to landline Captioned Telephone Relay Services and AzTEDP, another program of ACDHH, offers landline captioned telephones. These phones enable users to read word-for-word, voiced phone conversations in real time with a slight caption delay, such as the captions on television are slightly delayed.

Qualified Arizona residents can receive a free landline captioned telephone from the Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program. To apply for the equipment, contact Vicki Thompson at (602) 542-3365 (V) or 1-866-223-3412 (V) or email [email protected].

How It Works: To use Captioned Telephone Relay Services, Arizonans who have a captioned telephone place a call just as they would with a traditional phone - by dialing the number of the person they wish to talk to. With captions enabled, the captioned telephone automatically connects to the captioning service when it is dialed. When the other party answers, the captioned telephone user may be able to hear sound, but for comprehending, the user reads what the other party is saying. The transcription that the caller is reading in the display window is made possible by a specially trained operator at the Captioned Telephone Relay Service Center. Human-assisted voice recognition technology allows the operator to transcribe into written text everything that the other party is saying. The relay service and operators are paid for by ACDHH. 

Using your current phone line, in order for a landline captioned telephone user to receive captions on a voiced incoming call, the person calling must first dial the Captioned Telephone Relay Service toll free number at 1-877-243-2823. The caller will hear a recording which prompts them to “enter the number of the Captel user…. “. The landline captioned telephone user answers the phone by simply picking up the handset. To learn more about how landline Captioned Telephone Relay Services work, visit their website at or email customer service at [email protected]

Limited training for CapTel may be available in your area. Call for details!

There are also Internet Captioned Telephones available from:




Innocaption (mobile app)

CaptionMate (mobile app)