Hearing Loops Help Hard of Hearing People Hear Clearly and Effortlessly!

Juliette has a message that can change your life.  In less than 18 minutes, Dr. Juliette Sterkens, Au.D., will explain what you don't know about hearing aids.  Watch, read, and listen at this TEDx link.

The Hearing Loop website has everything you will need to understand loops!

Click here for a brand new list of Arizona Locations with Inductive Loops

  Sky Harbor Airport's Terminal 4 has a new Southwest Airlines Concourse, with 8 new gates, and all 8 gates are looped!  

City of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 3 is "in the loop"! 

All 25 gates at Terminal 3 now have loops. 


!! Here is what it sounds like to hear through a loop at the airport gate !!

More and more airports are getting into the Loop!  

So What's A Loop? 

OTOjOY Video "This is a Hearing Loop"

Hearing Loop FAQ's by Dr. Sterkens and HLAA

How Does A Hearing Loop Work? video by Ampetronic

Dr. Cliff explains the Benefits of the Telecoil and Loop Access

Get in the Hearing Loop Toolkit by HLAA

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  New Get in the Hearing Loop Toolkit Handbook by HLAA
HOT OFF THE PRESS!  New How to Successfully Advocate for Hearing Loops by HLAA


NEW!  Active Lighted Signage for Loop Systems available now from Sweden!  Learn more here:  https://transistorsweden.com/


But Aren't Loops Obsolete?  Read more here!


Yes, consumers still need telecoils and hearing loops!  


Want to see a movie in a looped movie theatre?  Are you in Tucson?  All 3 screens at the Loft Cinema are looped! 

Arizona state law mandates that anyone who purchases hearing aids from an Arizona licensed hearing aid dispenser or audiologist MUST be told about the telecoil and the benefits of a manual telecoil. Here is a link to the Arizona "Telecoil Bill" and you also must also be told about our free telephone program.


Did you know that the Arizona State Capitol is completely looped?  Yes, it is true.  All legislator desks have inductive looping, as well as all visitor galleries and all public meeting rooms.  Arizona was the first state to loop all 3 areas of their state capitol.


The Tempe Public Library now has 2 looped rooms (Room A, a large meeting room, and the TLC, Tempe Learning Center)!


Visit ALOHA's website here for more places in Arizona that are looped.

Soon, Google Maps will show if a location you are visiting has a loop!


Watch this video to see what it sounds like without, and with, a loop at a Lady Gaga concert!

Watch this video about a loop in a church to experience what hearing with and without a loop sounds like!


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Here's a commercial about a looped movie theatre in California:

Theatre Equipped with Hearing Loop


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Listen here for a talk on NPR (transcript is also on this site)

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How is a Loop Different from an FM or Infrared System? 

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We Want to Loop our Church/Temple... 

Loop Wisconsin has a helpful page about church looping:

Watch this video to see what a church in Chicago has done: