Hearing Loops are All The Rage!

So What's A Loop? 

Hearing Loop FAQ's by Dr. Sterkens and HLAA

Did you know that the Arizona State Capitol is completely looped?  Yes, it is true.  All legislator desks have inductive looping, as well as all visitor galleries and public meeting rooms. 

Watch this video to experience what hearing with and without a loop sounds like!

Articles about looping:

Click here for a list of Arizona Locations with Inductive Loops

Arizona "Telecoil Bill" mandating consumers purchasing hearing aids to be told about the benefits of the telecoil as well as the free telephone program.

Where Can I Buy a Loop? Who Can Install it for Me?
 Arizona Installers of Hearing Loop Technology:


T-coil Technology in Arizona Brochure for Consumers

Telecoils & You Brochure Brochure for Professionals

Excellent webpages for looping:


Here's a commercial about a looped movie theatre in California:

Theatre Equipped with Hearing Loop


Meet Janice, Hearing Loop Advocate: 

You Don't Look Like You Have Hearing Loss   


Dr. David Myers discusses telecoils and loop systems:


Listen here for a talk on NPR (transcript is also on this site)

Helping Those With Hearing Loss Get In The Loop


How is a Loop Different from an FM or Infrared System? 

Assistive Listening Systems and "Loop/T-Coil" Technology     


We Want to Loop our Church/Temple... 

Check out this document for help with church looping:  http://www.hearingloop.org/TechWorship.pdf

Loop Wisconsin has a helpful page about church looping:

Watch this video to see what a church in Chicago has done: