The law that established licensure --A.R.S. 36-1946 -- was passed by the Arizona State Legislature in 2000. It is designed to create a statewide standard for Sign Language Interpreters. This not only helps the state's Deaf and Hard of Hearing citizens, but also provides interpreters with helpful guidelines.  The Governor’s Regulatory Review Council approved changes to the Licensure Rules on June 7, 2016, which are effective as of August 15, 2016. An official copy of licensure rules can be found here. (Go to page 5, "Article 5. Interpreter Licensure and Regulation")


See an up-to-date list of current Licensed Interpreters.


Licensing Department staff are available to answer questions about your journey to becoming a Licensed Arizona Interpreter. You may contact Ashley Martin, Communication Access Specialist at [email protected].

**If you would like to schedule an in-person meeting with ACDHH staff, please contact the staff member directly or contact ACDHH by email at [email protected], by phone at 602-542-3323 or by video phone at 480-559-9441.