Meet Pei Chi!

During Better Hearing and Speech Month, ACDHH wanted to profile a diversity
of Hard of Hearing persons from across Arizona. In this week’s episode, you 
will meet Pei Chi, a high school student who lives in Cottonwood, AZ. With the
encouragement of her teacher Shelly Kirby, Pei Chi respectfully and courageously
discussed her experiences, challenges, and successes as a young
Chinese-American with hearing loss.

Meet Becky Haber!

This week's spotlight focuses on a Hard of Hearing professional living in
Flagstaff. Meet Becky Haber, who is not only Hard of Hearing, she is also a
highly educated consumer advocate and a licensed hearing aid dispenser.
She understands firsthand what it is like to have hearing loss and knows quite
a bit about various assistive technologies that can help.

Meet Melanie and Paddington!

Many Hard of Hearing people are using service animals to assist them with
their hearing. In this week’s hard of hearing consumer spotlight you will meet
Melanie O’Rourke and her hearing dog Paddington. Melanie talks about her
self-advocacy and involvement in the hearing loss community and also how
Paddington helps her. Service animals as defined by the Americans with
Disabilities Act are not companion animals, pets, or emotional support animals.

Meet Becky Hague!

We’d like to introduce you to Becky Hague who lives in Lakeside, AZ. Becky has bilateral cochlear implants and is a wonderful advocate up in the White Mountains of Arizona. Becky talks about how important it is for older adults to not isolate themselves and to get the help they need. She recounts how her son responded to her ability to hear and how cochlear implants have benefited her.

Meet Brittany Schroeder!

Brittany Schroeder is a Hard of Hearing student at ASU pursuing studies in audiology. In this video Brittany talks about the classroom accommodations she receives at ASU and shares her unique perspective about how she will be able to help other Hard of Hearing people as a future audiologist.