Meet Lynn Meyer!

This week we kick off Better Hearing and Speech Month with a video and column by Lynn Meyer who is a licensed counselor in private practice and is herself hard of hearing. Lynn discusses some of the mental and behavioral health issues associated with being hard of hearing.  Make sure to read her colum below!


Meet Heidi Lovato!

Heidi Lovato is the co-leader of the HLAA Arizona Working Adults chapter.  In this video and column, Heidi shares her journey as a person with hearing loss and her poignant experience as a hard of hearing person in the workplace.  Her story is one of acceptance, hope, and perseverance.  We hope you enjoy meeting Heidi and learning how she has adjusted to her hearing loss.


Meet the ASU Audiology Students!

Better Hearing and Speech Month this week highlights the Living Well with Hearing Loss Program (LWHL) at the ASU Hearing Clinic.  Audiology graduate students Colton, Lauren, and Holly discuss what topics are covered in the free audiological rehabilitation class.  The LWHL Program is available for new and experienced hearing aid users as well as individuals who are considering a cochlear implant and current cochlear implant recipients. Significant others and spouses are encouraged to attend. These seven-week classes provide valuable information about hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive devices, communication strategies, coping strategies, speech reading, auditory training, and more. Learn more here:  https://chs.asu.edu/programs/schools/department-speech-and-hearing-science/living-well-hearing-loss


Meet Ron Tallman!

This week marks the end of Better Hearing and Speech Month, and with Memorial Day yesterday we couldn’t think of a better person to highlight than Mr. Ron Tallman.  Ron served in the US Navy for 22 years and is a leader in the hard of hearing community in AZ, serving on the Board of the HLAA Sun Lakes chapter and also as a member of ACDHH’s Hard of Hearing Task Force.  Ron is a co-leader of the HLAA AZ Walk4Hearing which will be held on Veteran’s Day this year (Saturday 11-11-17).

Michele Michaels and Ron Tallman were interviewed by radio host Marty Manning for Better Hearing and Speech Month.  You can find the transcript by clicking here:



May 2nd

Click here to read about Mental Health Issues for Hard of Hearing people by Lynn Meyer, MC, LPC, NCC

May 9th

Click here to read about Hearing in the Workplace by Heidi Lovato

May 30th

This week we observe Memorial Day and thank our veterans who have given so much for our great country.  In this column we profile Ron Tallman, veteran and leader in the hearing loss community in Arizona.