Juliette Sterkens

Kicking off Better Hearing and Speech Month, Dr. Juliette Sterkens speaks about hearing loss, hearing aids, and loops. She recommends that if you suspect you have hearing loss, get a hearing test, make sure the hearing healthcare provider tests you for speech-in-noise, get a telecoil, and do your homework.

Emmy Cartwright

Better Hearing and Speech Month's theme this year is Communication Across the Lifespan, and who better to talk about what it means to be a teen with hearing loss than Arizona's very own Emmy Cartwright? Emmy was born profoundly deaf in both ears and received a cochlear implant at 13 months. She is a national teen leader in the hearing loss community and talks about how she has accepted her hearing loss through advocacy, what it means to be on the Phonak Teen Advisory Board, and how she plans to transition to NAU in the fall.

LoriAnn Harnish

Corporate professional LoriAnn Harnish shares her hearing loss journey and how the Envoy Esteem and the Ototronix Maxum middle ear implants she received as an adult have enabled her to hear much better than she ever has before.