Vicki discusses Arizona RCC

The Arizona Relay Service continues to provide traditional relay services. A new addition to AZRS is a free tool for multi-party conference calls and webinars called Arizona Relay Conference Captioning (RCC).  Available Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM, the user must be an Arizonan with hearing loss, have an Arizona area code, and the call must have a teleconference phone bridge set up. Take a look at www.arizonarcc.com to learn more.


Vicki talks about various devices

ACDHH Offers a few alerting systems through our Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (AzTEDP).  If you would like a TTY, we have that too. [email protected] #CommunicationForAll


Vicki interviews Joe Mulligan for Better Hearing and Speech Month

Joe Mulligan joins us during Better Hearing and Speech Month to discuss how the elctrolarynx, provided free from ACDHH through the AzTEDP, has helped him in his day to day life.

Vicki discusses mobile devices

If your cell phone is your lifeline and you avoid phone calls because they are so challenging, there is hope. One of our amplified neck loops may be just what you need to get that extra and volume and clarity to ease calls, and if your hearing loss is to the point where captions are the answer, we can help you get those on your cell phone, too. [email protected] #CommunicationForAll